Axe 2
Voiced by: PowerPointninja
Gender Female
Age 16
Species Axe
Color Red (Top), Bright Yellow (Handle)
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Whiffle Ball, Netty Mangle Everyone else (except for enemies)
Enemies Tongs, Petroleum Drop (possibly)

Axe, labeled the Adventurous Winning Guy, is a female contestant in Article Insanity.

Personality Edit

Axe is very nice, and loves adventure. She wants to explore the world, and even the most dangerous of places, in the most dangerous of times. She loves to look for treasure in various areas. Even though she's very kind, she tends to be a pushy, bossy leader at times. She is outgoing, and sometimes rowdy.


Whiffle BallEdit

Whiffle Ball helped Axe find burried treasure. This made Axe see him as loyal and made her want Whiffle Ball as a partner.

Status: Friends

Petroleum DropEdit

Axe called him a wimp after losing the first challenge so easily.

Status: Rivals


Netty got excited when she was picked for the team.

Status: Friends

Cashy Edit

Cashy is currently in Axe's alliance.

Status: Allies

Lettuce Edit

Lettuce is also in her alliance, and Axe seemed excited when she brought back gold.

Status: Allies

Tether Ball Edit

Tether Ball helped Lettuce with the supplies for the cannon.

Status: Allies


After Petroleum Drop chose Hammock, Tongs' reaction cause Axe to remind him that nobody cared about his "stupid" grip. Axe also told him to get lost.

Status: Enemies


  • Her team won 3 times in a row making for in episode 4.
  • She's just like Princess Anna from Frozen.
  • Disregarding Clover, of course, She, Lettuce and Butter Knife are the two oldest female contestants.