Butter Knife
Butter Knife 2
Voiced by: plasmadamoska
Gender Female
Age 16
Species Butter Knife
Color Silver (Top), Maroon (Handle)
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated Inanimate Stunt Show (Rejoin In Episode 6) TBA
Friends Butt Guy
Enemies Everyone else (except for friends)

Butter Knife, labeled The Pathetic Wannabe Loser, is a female contestant in Article Insanity. She was eliminated in Inanimate Stunt Show. When she was placed in the GOSSIP, she shouts loudly.


Butter Knife is the main antagonist of the show. If you think people are afraid of her, you're lost. If you think she can do any harm to you, then you're dead wrong. This spoiled brat grew up thinking everything had to go her way, so she treats others like they are her slaves, but they never listen to her. This is because she is a butter knife, making her extremely weak. If she tries to punch your shoulder, it will look like a plane is about to crash right into you, but when it lands, it will feel like a feather touched your shoulder. That's exactly how weak she really is.


Episode 1Edit

She was picked on PD's team, she was one of the few contestants that were hit by Lettuce, she lost the challenge.

Episode 2Edit

At elimination, she had 9 votes, but since she forced Hammock to give her the immunity, she was safe with the votes nullified.

Episode 3Edit

She was up for elimination again and received 16 votes, since PD using the shuffle token, she was still eliminated either way, she tried to punch Treasurey, but since her weakness was fighting with her, the punch was a total fail, then she is zapped, turned into a metal ball, and placed on the GOSSIP, she then shouts loudly.

Episode 5Edit

She was up for rejoining and says if the viewers don't vote for her, she'll kill their pets, brothers and, well, something else. This caused her to get very few votes.


Butter Knife has yet to interact with someone.


  • Butter Knife was first made in one of PowerPointninja's BFDI fanfictions.
  • Her body is like Knife's from Inanimate Insanity (2).
  • She was the second contestant made.
  • She is just like Jo From Total Drama Revenge of the Island.
  • She also just like Eva From Total Drama Island.
  • Butter knife is only female who got eliminated