Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater 2
Voiced by: LatteWB
Gender Female
Age 13
Species Cheese Grater
Color Dark Grey, Black
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Everyone else (except for enemies)
Enemies Unknown
Cheese Grater, labeled the Fanatical One, is a female contestant in Article Insanity.


As said by Petroleum Drop, Cheese Grater is a huge fangirl of object shows (BFDI in particular). She is quite kind when you get to know her. She knows all of the rules, and good strategies to use in object shows, and is eager to teach her allies. Cheese Grater is the most intelligent contestant in the game. Well, besides Protractor, of course. Most of the time, she is calm and loyal. 


Cheese Grater has yet to interact with someone.


  • Cheese Grater was first made in one of PowerPointninja's BFDI fanfictions.
  • Cheese Grater was PowerPointninja's first object character ever made.
  • She is female to have no eyelashes.
  • Disregarding Netty and Cashy, of course, She, Sour Cream and Signy are the three youngest contestants.