Hammock 3
Voiced by: PowerPointninja
Gender Male
Age 10
Species Hammock
Color Black (Body), Lime (Pole Tips), Bright Yellow (Poles)
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated It's falling apart so fast (rejoins in episode 6)


Friends Petroleum Drop, Axe (possible love interest, one sided on her side).
Enemies Lettuce

Hammock, labeled the Worst Seat In The House, is a male contestant in Article Insanity.


For some reason, Hammock is always random. He is very attached to his extensive tongue. He will touch his forehead with it, hit his rivals with it, and even talk with it sticking out of his mouth. This can gross out and annoy other contestants. In the beta elements of Article Insanity, he was evil.


Petroleum DropEdit

He wished Hammock good luck at the elimination, and he said Hammock played a good game when he was eliminated in It's falling apart so fast

Status: Friends


Hammock soiled her leaves, which caused him to get beaten by her mirror.

Status: Enemies


In The Must Have Prize, Axe called Hammock "stupidly random." However, in Triple Trouble, it is revealed that Hammock has a crush on Axe.

Status: Love Intrest (one-sided)


  • Hammock was the first contestant made.
  • Hammock was originally going to be evil, like Taco from II, but PowerPointNinja made him regularly dumb.
  • Hammock's signature move is the tongue punch, he even uses it to win against Smoked Sausage for the tie breaker and used it for a challenge against Lettuce. ToNgUe PuNcH!!!!! XD
  • Hammock is a first youngest contestant in the show