Yoyleberry 4
Voiced by: objectville
Gender Male
Age 17
Species Yoyleberry
Color Purple
Game Stats
Place TBA
Episode Eliminated TBA
Friends Clover (love interest), Cauliflower, Everyone else (except for enemies)
Enemies Lettuce, Whiffle Ball
Yoyleberry, labeled the Real Steel, is a male contestant in Article Insanity.


One of the nice guys of object shows, but there's more to him than just that, obviously. He may be super nice, but he gets aggressive when there's nonstop fighting going on, and he's REALLY competitive. He may not seem so competitive, but inside that loving soul of his is a raging fire that lives off of the thrill of competition. It burns even more every time he does something competitive. One day, his flame of competition could take over his entire body.



Clover and Yoyleberry have loved each other before Article Insanity started.

Status: Love intrests


Yoyleberry was beaten by her mirror when he took down Whiffle Ball in the first challenge.

Status: Enemies

Whiffle BallEdit

Yoyleberry calls him a cheater just because he's super tough. He's obviously jealous of him. What a noob.

Status: Enemies


Yoyleberry and Cauliflower have been friends before Article Insanity started.

Status: Friends


  • Yoyleberry first appeared in one of PowerPointninja's BFDI fanfictions.
  • Yoyleberry's body is a purple Pearly from Object Overload.
  • He is the only male with eyelashes.
  • The Yoyleberry is based of to the berry as seen on BFDI
  • After Cauliflower's elimination from AI 7, (not really), he is now the only male of the Metal Superstars.
  • Yoyleberry was always put up for elimination.